My first art show was in Pentwater, Michigan in 1976.  Our son Sam (bouncing happily in a backpack) & I were there on 'standby'.

As the showing years passed, Sam became an excellent salesperson.  I have been blessed with some wonderful helpers: notably (in addition to Sam) Pop-Pop, Beverly & my very dear friend, Alice. Each of them helped to meet my show schedule and customers' time specific orders.

I have had a grand journey with my art. Now that part is over. No more shows. To all the people we have met along the way: Thank you!

I will continue to paint ornaments and nativity pieces but will not take orders with specific dead lines.

Just email ( the list of Maryfrances' pieces you would like to have & I will contact you when I have them completed.

Maryfrances B Phillippi

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familyAs a little girl living in a row house in Philadelphia, I never thought to dream of a grand lake at the end of my road. I did dream of one day living where there were all trees and no houses. In my dream, I would look out of my kitchen window & see horses. Dreams, & even unimagined dreams, do come true. Today my roots run deep at Phillippi Quarter Horse Farm by the shores of Lake Michigan. Years of partnering in a nurturing & enduring marriage, raising our two sons, working as a registered nurse & caring for the many creatures that live on our farm, have shaped me into the being I have become. Looking back, I see that although my life still abounds with both professional challenges & accomplishments, the symphony has softened, as has my soul. My daily parenting responsibilities have been replaced with frequent phone calls & occasional trips to Texas, where our sons make their homes. There are still horses, dogs, cats, birds, & wild turkeys; the tempo has changed, transformed by time to a fine slow waltz. I am blessed with an intrinsic creative talent. Hushed until my eldest son was born, it resonated within me when I began painting on wood to make gifts for family & friends. Their approval of my work encouraged me to expand my creations. Today my art embodies years of evolving skills, deepened by my life experiences. An inspired voice sings within me with renewed inner peace.